5 Things to Consider Before buying an indoor Dog House?

Dog Houses

Dogs are as much members of our families as they are our pets, which also means that we always want the best for them. This also applies to their indoor dog houses. Some people prefer dog crates while some wish to build a cute little dog house to do some extra pampering for their furry friends.

One of the biggest advantages of providing your little friends with their very own pooch palaces is that they can stay protected, and can adjust better to the temperature – both inside and outside the house. For instance if you like your house to be some degrees colder or hotter, your dogs would not be bothered by that, just like when they go out for a run and a quick workout with you, they can come back and relax comfortably in a cool den while you wait to get dry to get under the shower. Just like a dog crate, but in a fancier manner, these indoor dog houses will also provide your pets with their comfortable place to rest, sleep, and feel safe, even in a noisy environment around the house.

All types and sizes of dog houses are available online for you to choose from, but while most of these would work as well outdoors as they do indoors, there are still some factors to keep in mind while choosing a dog house online. Here are top five of them:

1. Do your study on the size of the dog house:

First of all you need to ensure that the indoor dog house you are buying online will fit your dog. If your dog is small and young and still growing then you will also have to consider how the dog house will fare when they grow bigger. This is a considerable enough investment, especially if you are getting a pretty and fine-looking dog house, for you to keep in mind the changes in the size of your canines over time. You don’t want to have to make this purchase again in a few months. Your pet canine will need enough space to stand up and move around the dig house but he will also prefer it to be cozy and not too open or airy.

2. Location, location, location:

At the same time as your dog size, you will also have to keep in mind that the indoor dog house should not be too large that it doesn’t fit well around the house. You will have to do these calculations and then look around the house to find a perfect place to put the dog house as well. Just as important it will be that your dog can get in and out of the indoor dog house easily, it will be important that your movement around the house is not restricted and if you have children, they are not at the risk of falling or getting injured by the dog house or because of it.

3. Know your pet habits or be prepared to train them:

One thing that you need to do after deciding on the indoor dog house and before actually buying it is whether your dog would want to have a small secluded place all to himself or would he prefer to keep a keen eye on his surroundings. This will come in handy, primarily, in choosing the design of the dog house. For instance, for a curious and active furry friend, a roof-less option would be better just like it would be for a dog that keeps getting hot too quickly. Alternatively, for a quiet and shy dog a cozy little play area of a dog house would be better, which is also placed in a less noisier part of the house.

4. Make sure to include some accessories:

Dogs can get bored as easily as human babies, if not more. Also, unless you plan to bring them out to play or go out for a walk daily, there is an added need for them to stay busy inside their own doggo palaces. Add some cushions or towels for them to play with but make sure that they do not make their toys damp so as to become moldy or infested with pests. You can choose cedar materials for these indoor dog houses, which is a natural repellant of fleas and ticks. Add a bowl of water too if that is possible and will not lead to dampness or any other problems around the house.

5. Consider what extra measures you might need to take:

First of all, make sure that your beloved pet is already trained on his bladder and bowel schedule so as to not untidy the indoor dog house. Secondly, you also need to make sure that you don’t let them spend too much time inside the dog house and not enough doing exercise and having human contact. This can make them depressed and even sick. Finally, if you have a really small dog, you can consider investing in a dog house with a slide or stairs or other similar play areas which can get them enough exercise even within the house.

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