HP 24mh FHD Monitor Review

HP 24mh FHD Monitor

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5



24 inches monitors that offer HD resolution with a few other features are becoming popular and the default choice of most of the customers. HP 24mh is one of these models. It has a beautiful display that is designed not only for office use but for the purpose of entertainment as well. Along with this, the monitor has various other features like built-in speakers, IPS technology, narrow bezels, etc. Most of the features present in this model are not available in other models that fall in the same price range. This makes HP 24mh stand out amongst the rest. It has an attractive design that will add beauty to any environment. This is one of the reasons people choose it or their offices and their homes. It is a model that will fulfill your needs without forcing you to cross your budget limits. Along with its exterior, HP24 mh has an amazing performance. There are a lot of people who think that the price of the model is deceiving and they will end up with a product that does not perform effectively. However, this is not true.

Our Ratings by Features:

Sheerness 4.6
Brightness 4.6
Value for money 4.6
Picture quality 4.6
Screen quality 4.6
For gaming 4.2


Our Take

We believe that this model should definitely be considered by people who have a limited budget and are looking for monitors that have HD resolution. HP 24mh will fulfill their requirements. Along with being a budget-friendly model, this monitor performs effectively. It has a beautiful exterior with thin bezels. This maximizes the viewing area and gives you the opportunity to have an ultra-wide viewing experience. HP 24mh is a slim product that will consume less space on your desk. If you are someone who is looking for a monitor with a panoramic view then HP 24mh should be your pick. We believe that buying this model for your home or office will be your best decision.



HP 24mh FHD Monitor Specs:

Mounting Type Wall Mount
Weight 9.94 lbs
Screen Size 23.8 inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 pixels
Refresh Rate 75 hertz


HP 24mh FHD Monitor Ratings by Reviews:

At the time of writing, HP 24mh had more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon. It had an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Most of the users like this monitor because it is extremely budget-friendly. Despite being a reasonable model, it has a clear image and HD resolution. Along with its amazing resolution, HP 24mh has panoramic viewing which allows you to view the screen from different angles yet the picture will remain perfect. Since the picture quality of this monitor is amazing, customers have enjoyed the experience of working on this monitor. A lot of people have also used it for entertainment purposes.

A lot of users are of the opinion that the monitor is extremely easy to install. It is a flexile model that can be tilted as per the choice of the user. It also comes with a height adjustment option.


HP 24mh FHD Monitor Pros and Cons:

  • It has amazing picture quality
  • It has a beautiful exterior
  • It comes with a low blue light mode
  • It offers panoramic viewing
  • It is a budget-friendly model
  • Some people face issues with the screen
  • The monitor creates weird noises
  • No USB connectivity


1. Picture Quality

HP 24mh is one of those models that are loved by people because they have an amazing picture quality. This FHD display comes with an IPS technology which gives you phenomenal visuals. Its HD resolution will allow you to experience crisp images and accurate colors.

2. Beautiful Exterior

This monitor has a beautiful exterior that adds beauty to any environment. It has a stylish design with a sleek body. HP 24mh has a huge screen but you do not have to worry as it takes very little space. This model comes with a tiltable screen which allows you to adjust it according to your preference. You can tilt it 5 degrees forward and 23 degrees backward. Along with the screen, you can also adjust the height of the monitor according to your preference.

3. Panoramic Viewing

Unlike various other monitors, HP 24mh offers panoramic viewing. It has a wide 178 degree viewing angle which means that you can look at this screen from various angles and the picture will remain perfect. Along with image clarity, the colors of the screen will also remain consistent.

4. Low Blue Light Mode

HP 24mh comes with a low blue light mode. This feature allows you to use the screen without putting strain on your eyes. It shifts colors to a warmer spectrum while making whites more natural. This makes the viewing experience comfortable.

5. Budget-Friendly

This HP model is super popular among the people who prefer to use a monitor over a laptop. This is because this model is extremely budget-friendly and does not require customers to cross their estimated budget. Even though it is very reasonable, it comes with numerous features.



1. Issues With The Screen

Even though there are various features present in this model yet some people have faced a few issues. A few customers complained that a horizontal line appeared on the screen of their monitor out of nowhere.

2. Monitor Creates Noise

Along with the screen, some people faced issues with the monitor as well. They complained that the monitor started making weird noises as soon as they plugged in their PlayStation.

3. USB Connectivity

There are no USB ports in this model and this may become a problem for some people.


What we Liked

HP 24mh is a stylish model that has an elegant overall look. We think that it is a great option for the price. There are numerous features present in this model and the plus point is that you won’t have to spend a lot on it. It has a sleek design that will add to the beauty of your working desk or your TV lounge. HP 24mh is a flexible model that allows you to tilt it and adjust its height and we think that these are amazing features.